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Here is the latest Videoclip! Rocking Shoes feat. Tex Torpedo
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Here's the latest Longplayer


Tracking List:
1. The Bulldozers are back (2:59)
2. Walk you home (2:00)
3. Stand up and shout (3:53)
4. Pogo loco (2:31)
5. Drunken at home (3:54)
6. Bad girl (2:05)
7. Kings in Jeans (4:10)
8. Rock’n’Roll Queen (2:06)
9. Smash the clock (2:20)
10. Dance, Dance, Dance (2:33)
11. Won’t be your fool (2:37)
12. Bassman (3:20)

All songs & lyrics by Tex Torpedo / Produced by Fratz A. Thum & Ingo Grabenhorst
© 2011 by Rock'n'Roll Stormtroopers




Listen to some rocking songs:

(see and click below and turn the speakers up!)


Walk you home

(from the Album "Kings in Jeans")


Rock'n'Roll Queen

(from the Album "Kings in Jeans")


Hanging out with the boys

(taken from the Album "On Fire")


Do the Pogo

(taken from the Album "On Fire")


Rock'n'Roll Stormtroopers

(taken from the Album "On Fire")


We're gonna rock you

(taken from the Album "On Fire")



gigs (scroll for more)

Sorry, NO GIGS at the moment!
... but please stay tuned!


---- PAST SHOWS - 2011 ----

Sa. 04. 06. 2011
Pavillon Sindelfingen
Ecke Calwer Straße / Bachstraße
71063 Sindelfingen


Fr. 03. 06. 2011
Dalmstock OpenAir Waiblingen
Sportgelände Leutenbach
71395 Leutenbach

Watch out! Karlsruhe show
is CANCELLED on host-side!

Fr. 08. 04. 2011

Club Stadtmitte Karlsruhe
Baumeisterstr. 3
76137 Karlsruhe


Fr. 01. 04. 2011

Goldmark's Stuttgart
neben Club Universum
Charlottenplatz 1
70173 Stuttgart

...but there's more to come!
Stay tuned!




always seen at their fashionably best in rockin’ tight denim pants and cut-off jeans vests, finally have come back to tread on your senses again with their all out Bulldozer Rock’n’Roll attack. In their hand they hold their brand-new album “KINGS IN JEANS”. The latest coup done by the Bulldozer Rockers from Seattlelfingen in good old Germany. Once again they deliver 100% straight-ahead, uncompromising, raucous bulldozer rock ‘n’ roll at an energy level that is nothing short of amazing! The punked up AC/DC, Twisted Sister, and Sladeinspired Stormtroopers, with front man and guitarist Tex Torpedo leading the onslaught, now crown their selves with their royal successor of the debut album “On Fire”.
With songs like “the Bulldozers are back”, “Stand up & shout”, “Kings in Jeans” and “Rock’n’roll Queen” you know pretty fast why the 4 Denim clad can call their selves rightly “KINGS IN JEANS ”!




Tex Torpedo

phone: ++49 (0)7031/77 92 29


Booking Contact:

Floey Maketheshowey






It all began in Motorcity Seattlefingen (Germany) in the year 1998:
The Rock’n’Roll Stormtroopers were formed by Tex Torpedo, Olli Overkill and former Drummer Thunder-Klaus. Soon joint by Axel “Anis” Kurth for a short intermezzo
the Rock’n’Roll Stormtroopers surely can call their selves one of the most constant rocking Band in Business. Having the same Line-up since the year 2000 featuring Tex Torpedo on Vox & Guitar, Olli Overkill on Bass and the former “the BamBams” Guitar player Rockin’ Ingwer and Drummer Floey Maketheshowey, the 4 Denim clad Rockers keep on rocking together through the ups and downs of Rock’n’Roll.
Famous for their legendary Jeans Outfit
they are now out for another round of
100 % Bulldozer Rock’n’Roll.


from left to right:

Floey Maketheshowey: Drums

Tex Torpedo: Guitar & Vox

Rockin' Ingwer: Guitar

Olli Overkill: Bass

dirty pictures!

31. 01. 2012
check out our latest
rockvideos at youtube! click here!


01. 01. 2012
A happy rocking New Year
to all you rockers out here!


31. 10. 2011
Long time no hear! Stay tuned!
Working on new rocksongs right now!


04. 06. 2011
Rocking down the Pavillon
in Sindelfingen! Thanx to all fans!
You've really cooked up the place!


03. 06. 2011
Rockin' down the Dalmstock OpenAir
Thanx Leutenbach you really rock!


29. 05. 2011
Olli Overkill's back from Rhodos!
and he found the famous...
Gyros of Rhodos!


14. 05. 2011
Olli Overkill went off to Rhodos
for a Holiday! He's out to find the
8th Wonder of the World...
the famous... Gyros of Rhodos!


13. 05. 2011
12 Points go to former
Stormtrooper Anis for improving
the sound transmission of
his In-Ear Monitoring System!
Anis... congratulation! Well done!


07. 05. 2011
Tex Torpedo & Olli Overkill
rocking out at Goga's & Dirk's
wedding with their
Sideproject "South Kakerlakies"!


04. 05. 2011
Olli Overkill celebrates birthday!


08. 04. 2011
Hooray! CD Release Day!
Get your copy now!


06. 04. 2011
Watch out! Karlsruhe show
is CANCELLED on host-side!


02. 04. 2011

Hi Rockers and Rockettes!
Yesterday was geil! Thanx to all for
coming to the show! Hope to see
you all in Karlsruhe next Friday
April 8th!


01. 04. 2011

Rocking out at Goldmark's in
Rockcity Stuttgart!


23. 03. 2011

Check out our new Guestbook!


11. 03. 2011

Tex Torpedo listening to Heavy
Metal Music at Primal Fear Concert!


08. 03. 2011

Maxium rehearsals!
The 'troops are working like dogs
to achieve maximum rock pleasure!


26. 02. 2011

Olli Overkill is destroying Bass while trying to fix the jack! Don't try this at home!


15. 02. 2011

Olli Overkill is still in liver protection mode! Is Olli Overkill sick?


08. 02. 2011

Olli Overkill in liver protection mode!
No Drink till death?


05. 02. 2011

New logo animation!


03. 02. 2011

New Webpage created to make you rock and roll like hell!


01. 02. 2011

Rockin Ingwer and Tex Torpedo in rehearsal room


30. 01. 2011

Olli Overkill out of order due to Cocktail Party on Saturday Night


29. 01. 2011

Cocktail Party with Olli Overkill (NO DRESS, NO DRINK!)

Tex Torpedo in Traube joining Karaoke Party


27. 01. 2011

Olli Overkill's Ampeg Amp broken!


25. 01. 2011

Olli Overkill's Ampeg Amp only farting!




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"KINGS IN JEANS" fullplay CD released in April 2011 on HULK RÄCKORZ.

12 royal-rockin' Songs featuring "The Bulldozers are back", "Stand up & Shout", " Kings in Jeans" and many more!


"ON FIRE" full-play CD released on HULK RÄCKORS (Ger) & FULL BREACH KICK (USA) in the year 2005/6. 11 hot
rocking Tracks +

Bonus Track for the US-Release. Feat. "Hanging out w/t Boys", "Astrogirl", "Discomaniac" & "Bulldozers on the Loose" and many more!


keep on hangin' "HANGING OUT W/T BOYS" 7 inch Vinyl EP. Released on INCOGNITO RECORDS (GER)

in the year 2000.

3 outstanding Tracks featuring "Hanging out with the Boys", "I love it" and "B.O.Y"!


i'm a rebel!"I'M A REBEL" 7" Vinyl EP. Released on INCOGNITO RECORDS (GER) in the year 1999.

4 Tracks feat. the high speed Accept Coverversion of "I'm a Rebel" and the Version of "Bulldozers on the Loose" and 2 more! This record is SOLD OUT!


Imprint (Angaben gemäß § 5 TMG:)


Tex "Torpedo" Limbursky
Lützelwiesenstr. 19 / 71063 Sindelfingen

Telefon: 0049+(0)7031/77 92 29



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